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Worm Bins

What is the ideal worm bin?

Any container that breathes and keeps the worms inside can be used.

What will work?

A box made of wood or a plastic box with air holes work well. I find that a 15-25 gallon plastic storage box works well for a typical family of 3-5 people. See my instructions below to make your own worm bin.

Make your own worm bin. Instructions (this is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

Ready made worm bins

WormMainea Starter KitWormMainea Starter Kit: 18 gallon worm bin and 1# of worms

Starter bins are available as follows:

18-20 gallon size bins without worms is $20.
18-20 gallon size bins with 1# worms is $35. Save $5
18-20 gallon size bins with 2# worms is $50. Save $10!

I do not ship worm bins. They are for pick up only. Other bin sizes are also available.

Contact me to purchase a ready made worm bin or starter bin.
I can make larger worm bins to order. Let me know what your needs are and we can discuss pricing pickup options.

WormMainea worm bin featured on local TV news!

A worm bin from WormMainea was featured on WCSH on April 2, 2009. Paul Tukey was a guest on the Morning Show and did a segment on vermicomposting.

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